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Back when I was a twice-a-week newspaper columnist, I was never at a loss for words. I saw a column wherever I looked.  I could barely keep up with myself.

With this new website, I have no doubt that I will be just as prolific — especially now that I’ve said this publicly.

I have other reasons for creating this space also.  I’ll be back to elaborate.

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    Bonnie (Morrison) Arnold 

    I always looked forward to reading your column in the Halifax paper and hearing your voice on CBC being asked for your opinions on different issues. Always thought provoking and insightful.

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    Pat Campkin 

    Hi Sharon,
    I loved all your comments!! … We have had a holiday to BC to visit my brother’s wife in Gold River and will go to Winnipeg next week to see grandchildren. I am loving it. Keep up the good work. Remember to pray for Cathy Wright. I love you!

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